Your Right to Vote

Let me step on my soap box for just one moment...

I hope each of you have prayerfully pondered on the right person to lead the country. No, I will not express my personal views, my husband and I have discussed it and have come to a decision for our household. I urge you to take Biblical principals and line them up with each candidate. The candidate that has more Biblical truths in their platform, I encourage you to vote for them. No, we can't control what goes on after election day. The platforms that each candidate stands on right now will inevitably crumble and be a big "well, what I meant was...". However, you have a responsibility as a resident of the United States to vote. Many men and women have died so that your voice may be heard. Not to mention that the Lord God Himself chose to bless you by putting you in a blessed nation with freedoms and liberties most Christians will never know. It's your Christian right to vote. Go to the polls, vote for the candidate you feel led to elect, push the button and be thoroughly pleased that this election is OVER!

I'll step off of my soapbox now.

By the way, I'm receiving at least 8 political calls everyday (except Sunday). I can't wait until tomorrow comes. No more dumb calls or mailings. Daggummit (yeah, that's not spelled right, consider the extra letters as emphasis)... if the money wasted on political junk was put towards our economy we would not be in the mess that we are currently in. :) Thank you very much.