Virtuous Woman Study Part 1

The “modern woman” often times looks at Proverbs 31’s Virtuous Woman as out-of-date and out-of-touch. The fact of the matter is, what was true a thousand years ago in the Word of God is true and applicable in today’s world. The difference? It takes a little more effort. Through studying and the willingness to receive what God expects of women, the virtuous woman is obtainable. After all what’s wrong with trying to be the woman God has called you to be? Blessings await for the faithful.
To begin with, let’s take a look at what is so particularly special about this lady, and what our Heavenly Father expects of us. The virtuous woman demonstrates: unwavering faith, a strong and dedicated marriage, mothering gentleness, a hospitable spirit, dedicated service, a proper outlook on her finances, a diligent worker, an efficient homemaker, time management skills, and inward beauty only given by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Quite a list! Why? It’s God’s call to the woman to be the heart of the home, the quiet strength, the up-lifter, the joy of her husband, the blessing to her children, and the light for God; and as the months progress, we’ll pluck each characteristic to examine and look at practical daily application skills. It takes dedication to follow in her footsteps. Many times, I’ve stopped just to awe at her abilities and wonder how I would ever match up. After all, she managed to do all of these things at the same time. Mastering one or two is pretty obtainable but the whole list? Becoming the virtuous woman takes time and persistence. Why follow in this virtuous woman’s lifestyle? Because our Heavenly Father has expectations for every woman currently enjoying His creation. He chose this particular woman, plucked her out of her time period to show an example of what our potential can and should be. Though the time gap is large, Christ’s expectation continues for women. Though we may feel as though we are unable, our Father whispers words of encouragement and instruction to those who take the time to follow the example set before us.