Virtuous Woman Study Part 2

For her price is far beyond rubies…
Last time, we looked at just a few character traits of the virtuous woman. Let’s keep in mind that we need to shed the worldly view of women as we read and study. Let us remember that the world views women in a far different light than our Heavenly Father.
Now, let’s begin by taking a look at the first few verses. “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” Proverbs 31:10 From the start, our Father tells us that this particular woman is difficult to find, however, she’s so fair and rare that her price is far beyond rubies. This sparked curiosity in my soul, why so rare? Why is she compared to a ruby? After some reading, I marveled at the answer. Rubies are a very rare stone, they are the second hardest stone (next to the diamond) found on Earth. If you shine a light on a particular ruby, it may become glassy and you can see yourself in it. They are heavy and marvelous in color. They begin their life colorless, lifeless however, when the perfect element arrives, voila, you have a red ruby. Also, rubies must endure intense heat before they can truly be called a ruby. The creation of the ruby is a delicate process, a gentle mixture of time and element. Geologist cannot fully explain how they become what they become, but each agree, it’s rare and beautiful. What an astounding truth for the lady who has accepted Christ as her savior! Before salvation, we were without color, lifeless; however, by adding the blood, we transform into beautiful creations that are to be adorn. On occasion, if we allow Him, the Master shines His brilliant light on us and we should be polished enough to reflect His beauty. And, there will be those times when the trials of the Lord are hot and heavy but, deliverance is quick to come. Rubies are monetarily pricey; to have a ruby is considered to be special and unusual. Female rubies are priceless. Something not found everyday. She, you, are to be something to hang on to. A token that is looked upon as an amazing and lovely symbol, delicate and wonderful.
Ladies, is that how your husband, family, coworkers, and friends view you? We’re called to be something so rare that each person we encounter stops and knows that there is something different. Does your life and service add beauty to your loved ones (especially your husband)? Do others look at your husband and know that his wife adores him? Just as a ruby adds beauty to the one wearing it, do you add beauty to your husband? Does your husband adoringly look at you as a rare gem? Does he delicately put you on everyday? Do you give him reason to?
Unfortunately the society that we are living in teaches women, young and old, that men need to be dominated. However, your Creator tells you otherwise. Women, you are a helpmeet. Your husband is called into the spiritual career as the head of the home. Does your home reflect that? As you step back from yourself, begin to ask yourself, what’s my spiritual price? Do I withstand the heat and become that rare and valuable jewel or, do I sell out too soon to the worldly views and become ordinary? Our Father in Heaven doesn’t call us to be ordinary, rather extraordinary. We are to stand out as a ruby would stand out in a jeweler’s display case. Our lifestyle should make onlookers stop and awe at the beautiful colors and intricate designs. Further, they should see that beauty in our husbands as well. They should know that there is something different, something colorful something rare. What do people think of your display?